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Value-Added Services for Accounting and Financial Service Providers

UNLOCKD Data Capture Services converts hard documents into digital data; a time-consuming burden for accounting and financial service providers.

These documents can include:


Not being able to process these documents accurately, timorously and cost-effectively hinders your ability to meet your customer's’ needs and can negatively impact your business.

UNLOCKD delivers these services whilst transforming the lives of South Africa’s most vulnerable people, individuals who just need a leg-up with basic skills and job experience to enter the formal workforce. To do this we have developed systems to manage the data capture process, the design of which allows us to employ the newly skilled and in the process, unlock their potential.

The advantages of our solution include:



UNLOCKD recruits unemployed people and youth and unlocks their potential through skills development in a real-work environment. The end goal is permanent employment in entry-level positions with our clients across a broad range of jobs and industries. These are often new jobs that result in net economic growth to the country because our system reduces the risks of hiring, thus encouraging organisations to expand their workforce and revenues. Research has shown that incorrect hiring results in substantial costs to companies, our process eliminates these costs.

We believe it is important to train people, but focusing on training activity in isolation is an unreliable generator of jobs. Our process treats real jobs as the primary outcome by integrating career-readiness and specific skills training with experience in a real-work environment. The system was founded on the principle of developing people holistically by providing them with an opportunity to immediately put their learnt skills into action. Data capture services for our clients is a key component of the real-work experience that each person receives as it instills principles such as discipline, speed, accuracy and professionalism.

Our expanding program relies upon grants and sponsorships to offset training costs and monthly stipends for our Learners. But the true costs of this support from our corporate clients are significantly reduced through their SETA skills levy recoveries, tax rebates and improved B-BBEE contributor level recognition in the following B-BBEE elements:

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